Making AIESEC communities one of the most influential organizations in the world is the challenge. The AIESEC FUND aims at financing projects that will contribute to AIESEC’s development strategy with support from its alumni, friends & corporate

Under the umbrella of the “King Baudoin Foundation”, the AIESEC Fund has been created on May 2014 by three alumni and is governed by a Steering Committee.

Why call on the “King Baudoin Foundation” ( KBF)?

KBF  has been created in 1976 and manages more than 350 funds which benefit from financial services as well as of legal and fiscal advice in connection with  KBF-US and TGE (Transnational Giving Europe ), the latter covering 16 countries mentionned here. Thanks to TGE, fundraising contributors can benefit from income tax deductibility and thus enhance fundraising campaigns.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee defines the AIESEC Fund investment strategy, the allocation of its resources and ensures that the funds are being used appropriately.

Committee members:

  • The founders: Jean Choplin, Arnould de la Boulaye ( AIESEC Fund general delegate) and Victor Loewenstein,
  • Two AAI representatives including its President,
  • Two AI representatives including its President,
  • Others: up to three outstanding personalities – former AIESEC alumni or not – to be identified and approached once the AIESEC Fund becomes operational.

The Management Committee

Together with KBF, the Management Committee implements the decisions of the Steering Committee.