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“Small streams will make tomorrow’s rivers”

We can all contribute to AIESEC success and of future generations by giving our financial support and by relaying this message to other alumni.

There are multiple reasons for alumni to support the AIESEC FUND:


You invest in the standing and future of AIESEC

Whether it is for the development of careers or employment opportunities for future generations, supporting the international standing of AIESEC is of the utmost importance, in more than 120 countries, in more than 2500 universities and Business Schools .


You can all contribute to AIESEC’s success and that of future generations

By weaving  links with the world’s best institutions through exchanges and partnerships.


You put your successes at the service of solidarity

By supporting the AIESEC FUND, the diversity of profiles within the AIESEC communities is enriched, enabling students and alumni to access quality training and support.


You take advantage of  a tax deduction

Donate to one or several projects that are close to your heart and take advantage of tax credits.